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NEWS: Qinhuangdao Star Light Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, is specialized in product development, manufacturing
    Qinhuangdao Star Light Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, a total investment of $ 5,000,000, is a professional engaged in product development, manufacturing and application of environmental production and operation of joint venture of National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprises, Hebei Province, the famous trademark enterprises. 
    Star Light to reduce wind and dust condensation and dust and other modern technology as the core, the introduction of foreign advanced technology concepts, boldly breaking the previous environmental products mostly for the end of treatment ideas, generated from the source of pollution control, have developed a "state of "brand-micron dry mist dust suppression devices
Wind Dust Network   Micron dry mist dust suppression device   Remote radio fog
    Relevant national ministries company was recognized as "National Torch Plan Key High-tech Enterprise", "Enterprise of Hebei Province", "innovative pilot enterprises in Hebei Province", "Enterprise Environmental Excellence" for three consecutive years 2010-2012. "innovation enterprises advanced units ", 2010, for two consecutive years," science and technology advanced collective ……  
·The company's advanced technology has been
·Sent to the company's customer testimonial
·Huadian Laizhou dry fog machine with Doume
·Companies remote radio mist praised Tianji
·My heart Fire Safety Department of the big
·Chinese Ministry of Commerce forwarded our
·Ningxia reports about the company's produc
·Multifunctional mist sprinkler gun appeare
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